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The Law Firm


The law firm PMGS Avocats, Rechtsanwalt & Abogado offers legal solutions to our clients in different core disciplines:



1. Legal advice, drafting of contracts, and setting-up of companies in a French-German -Spanish business context:


We analyse the implications of EU law or international law, as well as French, Spanish or German domestic law


We answer questions frequently asked by business operators


We help solve problems related to the products or services commercialised in a specific industrial or services provider’s branch


We assist clients in their investment projects in France, Spain, Germany (or other countries)


We manage the French, Spanish and German translation of the documents and deeds that we set



2. Representing clients’ interests


Before national courts especially in civil, commercial, and employment law matters


Before the European Court of Justice, and the European courts


Before the Directorates-general and the advisory services of the European Commission


3. The clients


Private sector employees


Business people, business entities, and companies


Business partners and shareholders of companies


Directors and managers of companies


Investors, financial services professionals, insurance companies


Consumers, especially of French, Spanish or German nationality, domiciled in France, Spain or Germany (Spain, French department or region, German “Land”)


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