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Our expertise - Your advantage


The development of commerce of the law firm PMGS Avocats, Rechtsanwalt & Abogado rests on the following strengths:


Triple-qualification as “Rechtsanwalt”, "Abogado" and “avocat”.


As a “Rechtsanwalt”, our law firm is able to advice French and Spanish clients on German law and to protect their interests before courts of first instance and even Courts of appeal in Germany. As an “avocat” and "abogado", we are able to advise German clients on specificities of French and Spanish law and to represent their interests directly before any district or commercial court in France and Spain.


Former in-house legal advisor


Through our activity as an in-house legal advisors, our professionals have acquired experience of the management of large companies and in the role of in-house legal advisor. They have advised and assisted directors, as well as business, financial or technical managers on legal matters in order to secure the different operations of business development.


Business administration qualification


Lastly, one of our staff lawyers has acquired accounting, financial, management, marketing, and business strategy knowledge through a 2-year ongoing education programme, which allows him to understand the concerns and business and strategy decisions of his corporate clients.



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